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Hello! I’m Courtney, a 30 year old, Christian, wife and mom, living in Birmingham, Alabama. I own a wedding photography business and get to spend my days serving fun couples and traveling to new places (P.S. I love my job). Before becoming a mom and starting a business I worked in marketing and sales for media companies. First in television (where I met Megan :)) and then for a local magazine. I thrived in the creative aspects of media but really wanted to build something of my own, with the flexibility to be at home with my daughter.

Growing a business hasn’t been easy and I’m no where near where I want to be but I’m learning to embrace the adventure, and not lose sleep over how far I am from the destination. I tend to obsess over the details and strive for perfection but the past year and entering my 30s has opened my eyes to a whole new world of grace- for myself, for my business, for my husband… I want to do so many things and have everything in order and well that just not realistic (I think it’s a common struggle for women, whether you’re a mom or wife or daughter). Social media gives the impression that so many of us have already landed our dream job, have ironed-perfectly coordinated clothes, hair, makeup and eyebrows “on fleek”, a house decorated by Joanna Gaines herself and families that do Pinterest craft projects, while eating organic popsicles and smiling for the camera— and well that just not how life goes. Megan asked me to do this podcast with her because we were both in a stage of life, feeling the need for a support system. We would spend hours talking about life- big dreams, and how to get there- all the while thinking there has to be other women feeling this way.

So here we are… trying to be intentional with our time and your time, bringing you content and inspiration from amazing women, doing big things and having honest conversations about the day to day grind. I’m so excited about what the Lord has in store for this community of women and pray you find the motivation to make this year the best yet!


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Courtney Sample Photography

I got my first camera in high school when I took a photography elective and was instantly addicted. Then in college, I began assisting and shooting under a rock start photographer. She showed me the ropes of the wedding industry and how to give couples an unforgettable experience. She was fun, out-going, and made everyone laugh and loosen up in-front of the camera. Since then, the industry has changed a lot but one thing still rings true, serving couples with gorgeous photos and an experience they can’t forget. So “Thats the motto, baby yolo!” ;)

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The Lord has placed it on my heart to share my passion for Home + Garden, Traveling and Faith. The hope is that we might connect over a mutual love for fiddle-leaf fig trees, find fellowship in the messes of everyday life, or that I could serve you with information that might make your life easier in some way. Most importantly I want to encourage and be authentic. While I enjoy sharing pretty pictures, please don’t believe for one second that my home is always spotless or we are constantly traveling to beautiful places- That is certainly not my reality! Life is hard, and while we have many blessings there are still a lot of ups and downs- I intend to share all those truths!


goals for this year… 

  • Drink half my body weight in oz. of water every day

  • Cultivate new friendships by getting involved: small groups, barre classes, the community

  • Photograph at least 12 weddings

  • Travel to 3 new places

  • Reach my goal weight


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