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Hi! I’m Megan Stratton- wife to Mark, mama to McCartney, digital marketing gal, and wanna-be cocktail connoisseur. For most of my adult life, I have been in digital marketing for broadcast television stations bringing in over a million dollars in revenue and building infrastructure for the new-digital age. Sounds kinda fancy, huh?-- but what it boils down to is that I have found my way around the corporate world and enjoy helping businesses grow. I am a wife and mama and those two titles are my favorite. We are in full blown toddler world at my house with a two year old and keeping up with her sassy demands. My deepest passion is helping women. From the women who have it all together ( for the record, I do NOT fall into this category) to the mom who is struggling to remember who she was before her babe was born, I want to help. Aid in anyway I can, help you form community, and add some tools to your life that will create more peace, strength, and clarity. It’s my calling. It’s my purpose. Glad you have made your way here to join our community and ride of this adventure of life, side by side!


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Currently, my other project aside from the podcast is launching my own brand! My blog is where most of this content lives. I share new recipes, blog posts on how you know when it is time to move, toddler ideas, and even share my Top 5 Tips to Crushing It Every Day. I invite you to come hang out over there anytime you want!


City Church Chattanooga

One of my big goals this year is to grow my relationship with God. I know from experience and from people much smarter than I am, that if I seek Him first, everything else will make more sense and fall into place. Mark and I committed to City Church Chattanooga in 2018 and we are committed to being present there. We are hosting a small group, getting involved with their Dream Team/volunteer team, and making it a point to tithe every Sunday, even if we aren’t able to make the service. If you ever are in the area and want to join us for a service, we would LOVE to have you! I’ll save ya a seat, but be warned, I sing pretty loud. 


goals for this year… 

  • Grow my relationship with God. If this is on point, everything else will follow.

  • Be consistent. In everything I do. Period.

  • Have an exceptional relationship with my husband and daughter.

  • Cook two new recipes a week.

  • Read a book a month.


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Unshaken Podcast Season Two

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Season Two of Unshaken is out now!