2.14: Building a Business on Faith with the Founder of “The H is For"… Chandler Hatchett

Talk about a boss babe! We sit down this week with Chandler Hatchett, the Editor in Chief and Founder of the booming online publication, “The H is For…” Of course, we were super excited to talk to her about branding and content creation since her online pub is what dreams are made of… no seriously, go look at the site- perfection! We have wanted to bring someone on the podcast that can shed light on being an entrepreneur and a Christian. It can be hard to wrestle with the idea of creating a platform to serve others that also generates great money while keeping God at the center. Chandler effortlessly is able to do it all and we ask her branding secrets, how she stays focused on the Lord while running her empire, and her favorite social media platforms. This episode is sure to leave you inspired and full of faith. 


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2.13: All About Blogging: Getting Started, Content Ideas, and Monetizing with Courtney and Megan

We asked our audience what you guys wanted to learn more about and blogging was at the top of the list! In this episode, we give tips that you can take straight to the blog! Whether you are just starting, trying to decide if a blog is the right move, or a seasoned blogger, these tips and ideas are sure to give you inspiration. We answer the question, “Is blogging dead?” We load you up with some content ideas and reasons why a blog or website is something that you need in your business. And don’t worry, we share our tips for how to start making money with your blog from jump street. We love our solo episodes with you guys and packed this one full of takeaways. Don’t forget to visit our website and download your free content guide as well from Unshaken Marketing. Now, go start that blog, sister!


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2.12: Building a Support System: A Chat about Grief with Sarah Belleau

It can be hard to know what to say to a friend or loved one that is walking through something you haven’t experienced yourself. You desperately want to find the words to say that could comfort them without making it “worse.” We had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing, Sarah Belleau about grief and how you can support those around you that are walking through a tough season. Sarah started her own podcast after the passing of her father. She wanted to share other’s stories, build a community, and connect amazing people with other amazing people. Sarah’s take on grief and what you can do to build a support system is a lesson that is needed. We chat about community and the importance of finding people that will be with you at your lowest as well as your highest. We dive into the idea that “perfection is NOT inspirational,” why Mom Guilt needs to be a thing of the past, and reminds us that we are all doing a great job. Thank you, Sarah for sharing your story and for being an inspiration to us all, sis!

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2.11: Creating Female Leaders with Nichole Harrop

It is no secret we are all about girl power around here at Unshaken. Female only guests, female-forward brands, and lots of women supporting women going on here! We were thrilled to interview Leadership Coach, Nichole Harrop and chat with her about women in the corporate world learning their worth and owning it. Nichole opens up and the struggles of being a new mom, launching her business, and being pregnant while her own mother is incarcerated. A challenge that would set most back has pushed Nichole forward to help other women become happier at work and climb the ladder. We share some great tips on how to navigate the office water cooler talk, ask for a raise, and find more fulfillment in your nine to five. Prepare to be inspired, friends!


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2.10: Making Bank with Poshmark and Money Mindset with Yolanda Boyarin

Money, Money, Money! We are chatting all about the dollar bills today, yall! Money is one of those topics that can seem taboo. “It isn’t polite to talk about money” or “I hate it when people brag about how much money they are making” seem to be two common responses when fiances come up... Not today!  We sit down with Yolanda Boyarin, a Spiritual Money Mindset Coach. She gives us the down low and how to manifest money into your life and break down barriers that you have about your finances. Whether you are needing extra cash for a house project or wanting to switch your side hustle to your full time career, Yolanda has advice that is life changing! 

From telling us about how her uncle won the lottery to teaching herself how to make thousands on Poshmark, you are guaranteed to learn more about making money after you tune in to this episode! Make that money, honey!

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