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1.18: Organization Hacks Everyone Needs with Meredith Wood

We all have that room or cabinet that we shove everything into with the hopes that someday we will organize it. Unfourtaley, for most of us, that never happens! Cleaning out is Stressful with a capital ‘S’.’  In this week’s episode, we chat with Meredith Wood, a professional organizer with a background in psychology and hoarding, to help us uncover tips and trick to take the chaos out of organizing. Meredith teaches us her tactics to bring order to the most disorganized spaces like the laundry room, kitchen, and closet. We dive into how to get started, what items you need to help you stay tidy, and even how to get your family or roommates to help in the process!

This episode is packed with tools to help you gain control over the mess and lose the stress! Get your notepad ready! Happy Organizing!

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1.10: But Does It Bring You Joy? Spring Cleaning with your Hosts!

Needing some inspiration to get your spring cleaning on? Have no fear! We are here this week to bring you tips, hacks, and even a breakdown of the KonMari Method to help you get your house spick and span as we head into Spring. Whether you watched the full series of “Tidying Up” like Courtney, or if you haven’t seen one episode like Megan, this episode is a good review and sums up the method in short tips! We also pull in some hacks that we discovered ourselves to help get rid of stains and keep our laundry in check. So grab your broom and tune in while you start your Spring Cleaning! We promise you’ll feel much better when your house is sparkling and all that is left are things that bring you joy! Happy cleaning!!


Need a KonMari method check list?

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