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2.02: Creating Meaningful Conversations with Jennifer Zumbiel

Imagine sitting around the dinner table trying to ask your kids about their day. You keep getting one word replies like “good” or “it was fine.” Or you are trying to talk to your husband about how work is going and you keep getting the same one liners. Well, thanks to our guest on the show today, we have a solution for you! Jennifer Zumbiel is the creator of Togather Moments, a table game created to cultivate conversation with your family. Jennifer wanted to create a way to make more meaningful memories with our loved ones. Togather Moments focuses on mealtime conversations and how to get them started through her interactive sticker kits. We loved this meaning conversation!

You can find out more about the game at : Enjoy friends!

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1.07: Living Intentionally with Ashley Gann

What exactly is intentional living and why is everyone talking about it? Today on Unshaken we dive into living intentional with Ashley Gann. Ashley is the mama of three kids, her and her husband have several businesses they run, and she is Chief Meteorologist for CBS 42, in Birmingham, Alabama. To keep all that straight you have to be intentional, right?! Ashley is inspiring and faith filled, teaching us how she make choices outside of society norms to cultivate the best life for her and her family. You won't want to miss her ideas for simplifying and minimizing material things, how her family spends quality time together, how they teach their kids about the value of a dollar and so much more! Enjoy!


Ashley’s site for toddler friendly food kits:
Use the code “PREP” for a FREE prep bowl set with the purchase of $50 or more in the month of March!

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