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2.01: 5 Ways to Overcome Burnout going into Summer

UNSHAKEN Peeps! Welcome to Season Two!

We are SOOOO excited you are here on this journey with us! Season Two is kicking off with 5 ways to overcome burnout and stay motivated as we go into the second half of 2019. We don't know about you, but in the past, our brains seem to have hit a wall and want to go straight into vacation mode!

It can be SO hard to stay pumped about the goals we set at the beginning of the year. Maybe you haven’t made any progress or are starting to feel like all your hard work isn’t worth it. Well, we are here to put that pep back in your step sista! If you have already hit those major milestones, there is still plenty of time! Today we are digging into what we need to keep running the race and start pressing forward on our dreams. From morning routines to toxic relationships we are making intentional moves to get back that mindset of motivation and leveling up our lives. Ready? Let’s do this!

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1.13: Cultivating a Life Worth Exploring not Escaping with Sara Belhouari

You know the feeling you get when you are close to a vacation? The excitement, the joy, and the feeling of getting out of your everyday routine can be a rush. What if you felt like that when you woke up every morning? What if you created a life that was worth exploring instead of escaping? Our guest, Sara Belhouari is coaching others to do just that- creating a life to explore instead of a life to escape. Sara is a coach, author, host of Power Hour Podcast, and speaker who is changing the way we look at our everyday lives.

During the episode, we chat about how to map out your dreams, hit the reset button when needed, and dive into her ebook that helps you realize how to start the process of creating a life that feels like vacation. Oh, and did we mention the ebook is totally free! So let’s go girls. Time to start planning our new, vacation-like life!

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1.07: Living Intentionally with Ashley Gann

What exactly is intentional living and why is everyone talking about it? Today on Unshaken we dive into living intentional with Ashley Gann. Ashley is the mama of three kids, her and her husband have several businesses they run, and she is Chief Meteorologist for CBS 42, in Birmingham, Alabama. To keep all that straight you have to be intentional, right?! Ashley is inspiring and faith filled, teaching us how she make choices outside of society norms to cultivate the best life for her and her family. You won't want to miss her ideas for simplifying and minimizing material things, how her family spends quality time together, how they teach their kids about the value of a dollar and so much more! Enjoy!


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1.02: Setting Intention: How to Crush Your Goals with Powersheets

Planning to have a BIG Year, but need a tool to help you map it out? Look no further! Lara Casey’s Cultivate What Matters Powersheets are your answer! We break down how to use her tips with or without the planner!

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