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2.04: Mom Confessions: Letting Go of Being Perfect with Kristen Wheeler

Have you ever experienced that feeling of anxiety to be perfect? Come on, we all have at some point! Wanting to be the perfect mom, perfect friend, or perfect wife is exhausting! We sit down and just let it all out with our guest, Kristen Wheeler. The three of us chatted about our secret mom confessions and how to get over the guilt of feeling less than perfect. Kristen hosts her own podcast, Confessions of a Supermom Wannabe and started her show to let other moms know that we are in this together! Our missions are so aligned and it was a blast asking her everything from how to include her kids in her business to what she would tell her younger self. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy a good laugh!

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2.02: Creating Meaningful Conversations with Jennifer Zumbiel

Imagine sitting around the dinner table trying to ask your kids about their day. You keep getting one word replies like “good” or “it was fine.” Or you are trying to talk to your husband about how work is going and you keep getting the same one liners. Well, thanks to our guest on the show today, we have a solution for you! Jennifer Zumbiel is the creator of Togather Moments, a table game created to cultivate conversation with your family. Jennifer wanted to create a way to make more meaningful memories with our loved ones. Togather Moments focuses on mealtime conversations and how to get them started through her interactive sticker kits. We loved this meaning conversation!

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1.12: Fertility, IVF, and How to Support One Another with Jess Milanes

One in eight women struggle with infertility. Every journey is different and sometimes it can be a hard topic to talk about, even with your best friend. We wanted to provide a conversation for all women to better understand fertility and options you have at your disposal. We understand that this is a topic that is not often talked about, but we wanted to change that and share our support and resources. We chat with the lovely Jess Milanes, who is an Expert Fertility Coach. Jess helps women become pregnant through holistic fertility methods. We dive in to her journey to become a parent, the breakdown of IVF treatments, and how you can support your friends and family who may be going through fertility stress. Jess brings such a fresh perspective on becoming your best self to lower stress levels and spark joy into your life.

Whether you are looking for a fertility coach yourself or if you are needing to know how to handle a situation with family and friends, we cover it all in this episode. We hope you learn something and see fertility in a new light after listening to our chat with Jess! We love you and we support you!

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