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1.13: Cultivating a Life Worth Exploring not Escaping with Sara Belhouari

You know the feeling you get when you are close to a vacation? The excitement, the joy, and the feeling of getting out of your everyday routine can be a rush. What if you felt like that when you woke up every morning? What if you created a life that was worth exploring instead of escaping? Our guest, Sara Belhouari is coaching others to do just that- creating a life to explore instead of a life to escape. Sara is a coach, author, host of Power Hour Podcast, and speaker who is changing the way we look at our everyday lives.

During the episode, we chat about how to map out your dreams, hit the reset button when needed, and dive into her ebook that helps you realize how to start the process of creating a life that feels like vacation. Oh, and did we mention the ebook is totally free! So let’s go girls. Time to start planning our new, vacation-like life!

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