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2.01: 5 Ways to Overcome Burnout going into Summer

UNSHAKEN Peeps! Welcome to Season Two!

We are SOOOO excited you are here on this journey with us! Season Two is kicking off with 5 ways to overcome burnout and stay motivated as we go into the second half of 2019. We don't know about you, but in the past, our brains seem to have hit a wall and want to go straight into vacation mode!

It can be SO hard to stay pumped about the goals we set at the beginning of the year. Maybe you haven’t made any progress or are starting to feel like all your hard work isn’t worth it. Well, we are here to put that pep back in your step sista! If you have already hit those major milestones, there is still plenty of time! Today we are digging into what we need to keep running the race and start pressing forward on our dreams. From morning routines to toxic relationships we are making intentional moves to get back that mindset of motivation and leveling up our lives. Ready? Let’s do this!

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1.15: Getting Your Groove Back with Sexual Communication Coach, Leah Carey

Oh libido, where are you? Will you ever come back or are you gone forever!? Sex is a topic that still makes some of us cringe, but why? We believe it is because it isn’t talked about enough and there is some stigma around women talking about sex. That is why we wanted to have Sexual Communication Coach, Leah Carey come on the show and give us some pointers on how to bring up sexual conversations with our partners. We dive into low libido, foreplay, what gets us in the mood and more. Our show is almost always safe to listen to with your kiddos around, but for this show, the content is geared towards adults so listen with caution if little ears are near.


Leah shares her unique journey with sex and how she was able to overcome an abusive childhood to find herself again in her forties. Her tactics on how to communicate with your partner in the bedroom are tangible and encouraging. So listen in, share with a friend, and get  your sexy back! Enjoy!

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