unshaken women


Girl, We are SO excited to be launching another phase of our podcast- Unshaken Women Ambassador Program!

So what does that even mean?! It means we want YOU on OUR TEAM! :) We need help spreading the word about the bomb content we are creating for our community this season! How cool would it be to be a part of a community of women supporting women that you could share your success, fears, best tips and tricks, and make some new friends along the way? Yes, yes , and yes sign me up! Here is the rundown!

An Unshaken Women Ambassador:

  • Share new episodes when they come out! Every Thursday! This can be on Facebook, in your Insta stories, Insta grid, Twitter, etc! Sharing is caring! You can even hashtag us at #UnshakenWomen and tag us at @unshakenpodcast

  • Subscribe to the Show!

  • Rate and Review Us on iTunes (hopefully 5 stars ;) )

  • Join Our Secret Facebook Community

So what are we gonna do for you?

  • Exclusive swag sent only to our Unshaken Women ($30 value)

  • Free access to our VIP events ($20 value per event)

  • Free Coffee on Us! Starbucks Gift Card ($5 value)

  • First access to any courses, freebies, ebooks developed for Unshaken Podcast

We are looking for TEN Unshaken Women who are ready to commit to something bigger than themselves! If you want access to great content, cute swag, hot coffee, and a community of women that will support you like no other, then let’s do this sister!!

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